Congratulations to the Can:Do Group who were one of four finalists in the Medium Employer of the Year Category for the 2019 South Australian Training Awards.

The Can:Do Group encompasses two of South Australia’s oldest non-profit organisations: Can:Do 4Kids and Deaf Can:Do. Together, they provide direct specialist services, therapy and support to more than 7,000 South Australians who face each day with a sensory impairment.

Supporting the Can:Do Group through Learning for Impact

The Can:Do Group were funded to train a group of staff in the critical Auslan skills needed to improve communication with deaf clients and staff. By increasing communication and connections through Auslan proficiency, the Can:Do Group hopes to improve outcomes for clients and to improve organisational culture between staff groups.

“This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work that the Can:Do team put into their training and development program. It’s an amazing success story and a great example of what we’re trying to achieve through our investment in not-for-profit professional development initiatives through the AET Discretionary Grants Program.” Ben Clark, Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment.

“Philanthropic investment in professional development is rare. AET’s focused and long-term partnership with our organisation has been critical in building our staff’s capacity, communication and commitment to client service. We will continue to reap the rewards of the investment as the training and education programs are rolled out.” Heidi Limareff, Group Chief Executive, Can:Do Group.

About the AET Discretionary Grants Program

This program brings together charitable trusts where the founding donor has requested us to make granting decisions on their behalf. The program has two underlying programs:

  • The AET Learning for Impact Program which supports organisations that recognise and value the role talented staff play in delivering outcomes for their organisation and the communities they serve. Find out more in the Learning for Impact report produced on behalf of Australian Executor Trustees by The Australian Centre for Innovation.
  • The AET Small to Medium Investment Program which aims to support not-for-profit partners that are building their organisational capacity and effectiveness, in particular those looking to adapt their organisation and revenue models and develop capability in their staff, volunteers or partners through professional learning opportunities.

Find out more about AET’s Discretionary Grants Program.

For more information about AET’s philanthropic services please contact Charlene Yum or Ben Clark.