In 1878, a young woman from Bendigo was orphaned and left a large sum of money, which was managed by two unscrupulous businessmen. These men lined their pockets, leaving hers empty, and she was left to wander the streets, destitute. Her story, when published, shocked the colony and prompted a group of South Australian businessmen to set up a company to ensure this sort of thing never happened again.

That company is us – known today as Australian Executor Trustees.

Over these years, a number of mergers, amalgamations and change of names has resulted in an expansion of the range of services we offer and the creation of one national licensed trustee company. From an historical perspective previous companies and former names are now known as Australian Executor Trustees Ltd. Those former names and entities include:

  • Elders Trustee and Executor Company Limited
  • Tower Trust Limited
  • Austrust Limited
  • Executor Trustee Australia Limited (formerly Executor Trustee & Agency Company of South Australia)
  • Farmers’ Co-operative Executors & Trustees Limited
  • Bagot’s Executor and Trustee Company Limited
  • IOOF Australia Trustees Limited.
  • Plan B Trustees Ltd (formerly R & I Trustees Ltd and Trustees of WA).

At Australian Executor Trustees (AET), we are one of Australia’s largest and most experienced non government providers of professional trustee services, with more than $7.3 billion in funds under management and administration.