Native Title trusts

For more than 20 years, we have been assisting Aboriginal communities and Native Title claim groups manage, distribute and invest compensation funds for the benefit of their communities.

Native Title trusts generally involve mining. Mining companies enter into an agreement with a Native Title claim group to pay funds into a nominated trust in exchange for being able to access and mine Native Title land.

At AET, we recognise the importance of both maximising the potential for funds paid by the mining companies and engaging with the Traditional Owners in a genuine way.

This engagement requires a trustee that is dedicated to understanding the culture of the Indigenous community and their relationship to the land. The role demands a sincere commitment to learning about the ambitions, aspirations and needs of the Indigenous community.

When Traditional Owners choose us to act as trustee, we commit to:

  • being a regular presence in the local community to foster engagement
  • building the Traditional Owners’ capacity for self‑sustainability and self‑empowerment
  • ensuring assets are held securely and invested wisely
  • making distributions swiftly, recognising the immediate and long-term needs of the Traditional‑Owners
  • distributing funds to charitable causes to maximise the positive social impact
  • assisting the Traditional Owners in other areas, including budgeting, taxation, governance and policy creation.

How we work with you

For more information on our trustee services for Aboriginal communities, please contact:

Aaron Stammers
National Manager – Native Title Trusts
Freecall: 1800 078 680
Telephone: 08 9214 4970

Providing specialist Native trustee services for over 20 years.

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