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At AET, we’ve been helping Australians engage with philanthropy for more than 130 years. Our philanthropic services include creating and managing charitable trusts and acting as their professional trustee. In this role, our obligation is to honour the wishes of the founding donor in perpetuity.

AET Discretionary Grants Program

The AET Discretionary Grants Program brings together 13 charitable trusts, where the founding donor has requested us to making granting decisions on their behalf.

The aim of the program is to invest in South Australian based not-for-profits (or not-for-profit organisations delivering programs in South Australia) that are building organisational capacity and effectiveness.

The AET Discretionary Grants Program has two underlying programs:

  • The AET Learning for Impact Program which supports South Australian based organisations (or organisations delivering programs to benefit South Australians) that recognise and value the role talented staff play in delivering outcomes for their organisation and the communities they serve.
  • The AET Small to Medium Investment Program which provides aims to provide untied investment for South Australian based organisations that are considered small to medium in size (approximately $5 million or less in annual turnover).

We support organisations which are demonstrating leadership by:

  • adapting their organisation and revenue models
  • developing capability in their staff, volunteers or partners through professional learning opportunities
  • developing new and innovative programs.

Organisations that meet the above criteria and are endorsed as Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipients are encouraged to apply via our annual funding round.

How do we make granting decisions?

The AET Charitable Grants Committee oversees the AET Discretionary Grants Program. The Committee is comprised of AET and IOOF staff members, as well as an independent philanthropy expert.

The Committee meets quarterly to:

  • review the progress of projects funded through the program
  • discuss broader issues aligned to the not-for-profit sector (especially in the areas aligned to our granting strategy)
  • review expressions of interest
  • make granting decisions in line with our current funding strategy.

We work collaboratively with our granting partners and are keen to share outcomes and learnings with the broader philanthropic community. For more information on our current granting strategy, partners and the impact, please download the Learning for impact year 2 report.

How can I apply for a grant?

Assuming your organisation meets the funding criteria for the AET Discretionary Grants Program, you are welcome to send an expression of interest by email to

Unfortunately, due to the number of enquiries we receive, we will only respond to emails we believe are aligned with our funding focus.

For further information please refer to the following documents:

AET Learning for Impact Program

AET Small to Medium Investment Program

For more than 130 years we have been helping Australian individuals, families and organisations give back to the community.

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