50% of Australians die without a Will.1

A Will is the cornerstone of an estate plan. It is a legal document that specifies how a person’s assets are managed and distributed when they die.

It is essential that your clients have a valid and up-to-date Will, especially if they have complex needs such as providing for a second spouse, a blended family or a loved one with special needs.

If a client dies without a Will, they have died ‘intestate’ and their assets will be distributed according to a strict government formula, which varies from state to state, may be complex and time‑consuming, and may not be in line with their wishes.

Read our top five tips when writing a Will.

How we can help you

Just as it’s important to create wealth for your clients, it’s important to make sure it is protected.

Our estate planning lawyers will work closely with you to ensure your clients make the right decisions about how they should transfer their wealth.

Having a Will is certainly a good place for your clients to start, but it’s just the beginning! A comprehensive estate plan involves so much more.

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1. Source: moneysmart.gov.au, 2016

By having an estate plan in place, you can be sure that your assets will be managed and distributed the way you want and in the most tax-effective manner.

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